Chicken: The Adult Sex Game

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Joe Alves January 21, 2014 Casual
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Don't settle for cheap knockoffs. This is the first of it's kind in GooglePlay and is the best selling paid adult app in GooglePlay.
Chicken is an adult sex game. This is not truth or dare, sex dice, sex roulette, or any of those cheap knockoffs of my original game. This is a unique/original game designed to test your partner's boundaries and take your relationship to the next level. Cheaper than a movie, and it will keep you busy for hours. No joke, hours. Win or lose, it's still fun either way.
In this game there are four categories to choose from which range from 1-4 points per category. The more points, the more kinky the challenge. When you pick a challenge category the challenge is assigned randomly and could contain either a challenge from that level or any levels below it. So take the risk and see if you can play the challenge or if you'll be forced to cry chicken.
Newest update contains option to create your own challenges, and assign them points, which can be managed and will not delete until you delete them. Also added a new option to set a password on the game so kids and others you lend your phone to will not be able to open the game. The icon simply says "Chicken" so no one will know what you have on your phone.
There's no nudity or images in this game. This game is not designed for those looking for porn, it's designed for those looking to have some fun having hot sex.
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